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welcome to FQ International

Our Team

We understand that our main success results from our diverse workforce, integrated by multi-lingual, multi-cultural and professional personnel. This allows them to implement strategies for managing and nurturing a company’s interaction with their customers.

Building our team

Our approach to identifying and selecting talent is competency-based. We look for skills and knowledge aligned with the specific job requirements, our company culture, our clients’ expectations, and our business goals.

Care to collaborate

We are constantly changing and developing for an even better way to manage, lead and empower our teams, ensuring that everyone operates as part of a team with a clear management structure to lead and support them, gearing individual efforts towards the achievement of common aims. Considering that people behave towards each other has a direct impact on the way they behave towards our customers, we have created an environment where everyone is treated with respect and the utmost professionalism is one of our highest priorities.

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